NASA Tech Briefs

NASA Tech Briefs

Note: At NASA’s request, we are no longer generating Tech Brief articles from JPL NTRs. If you are reviewing a Tech Brief article, your review is no longer required. The Tech Brief Magazine will continue to publish articles that have already been sent to them over the course of the next year. After that time, we will come back to you all with information on the magazine going forward and the publication of JPL NTRs

The NASA Tech Brief magazine is a monthly publication that conveys new and significant technological developments to industry and the public. Its intent is to make this information available for engineers, scientists and managers to use this information to improve their productivity and competitiveness. Publication in NASA Tech Briefs can lead to licensing and other forms of technology transfer.

JPL plays an active role in supporting the NASA Tech Briefs magazine. During the NTR evaluation phase, a determination is made regarding publication in NASA Tech Briefs. If it is determined that publication is warranted, the technical information in the NTR is sent to the NASA Tech Brief publisher so that the article can be written. A draft of the article is then sent to the innovators for corrections and final approval. This process is coordinated by the Office of Technology Transfer at JPL.

A Technical Support Package (TSP) is often required in addition to the tech brief article for publication in the NASA Tech Brief magazine. Material for a TSP may come from supporting material submitted with the NTR or may be generated after the tech brief article is written. This material provides additional detailed information regarding the technological development represented by the tech brief article. It is the responsibility of the innovators to provide this material.

Once the article is in its final form and the TSP materials are assembled, the innovator must submit both of these to the Unlimited Release System (Document Review) for review. The clearance number, along with the tech brief article and TSP materials, are then sent by the innovator to the Office of Technology Transfer at JPL for final submission to the NASA Tech Brief magazine.

Please note that publication in the NASA Tech Brief magazine may not occur for some time after all materials are finalized and submitted to the publisher. A decision regarding what articles to publish and when to publish these articles is at the discretion of the publisher. Articles submitted to the NASA Tech Brief magazine typically are published six months to two years after receipt, although some articles may not be published at all.

For additional information regarding publication in NASA Tech Brief magazine, please contact Rani Kamarga at extension 3-7995.


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